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About us

We’re an enthusiastic couple who enjoyed a backpack trip through Central America. We spent a month in the beautiful nature of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. We met many inspiring people and loved some awesome culture elements. After this trip we became real backpacks fans! We took our backpacks to many other places: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Indonesia…. We just love our wordl!

About us


Our story

She’s the one who even can get lost in her own backyard, while he’s like a living GPS system, always knowing which way to go. But in a foreign country, other rules count. During our backpack trip, all we had was our Lonely Planet and our improvised way of speaking with locals, which had more in common with ‘Hints’ than really communicating with the right words. We had to search for information about our travel options during our trip on the internet, because of missing information from the Lonely Planet and a big language gap between us and locals.

Saved by this wifi-generation, even in the middle of nowhere we found hostels with a wifi connection! Unless we had a wifi connection in every hostel, we often couldn’t find out very quickly where we could go, in what way or how long this trip would take. Most of the times, we found it by reading a lot of forums with stories of fellow backpackers who shared their travel stories, with travel schedules and ways to get out of the middle of nowhere.

Back on track

Although we loved the travel stories of all these backpackers, this wasn’t what we were looking for on that moment. We wanted to know where to go, in which way and how long this trip would take (and ofcourse how many dollars it would cost us). That’s exactly where our website comes in. One website where the fastest, cheapest or nearest travel option is shown from wherever you are. What if this site would have existed while we were in Central America? Would we be able to easily reach that place we thought was really out of our way and planning? Could we’ve saved a lot of dollars by choosing the cheapest travel option, instead of taking the more expensive bus or boat?

Backpackers, we need you!

Although we can do a lot and although we’d love to check all travel information around the world by ourselves, unfortunately we aren’t able to do that. You could help to make backpackers’ life a lot easier, by sending us all your travel information you encounter during your trip! Your information will be shown on this site in no-time, so we really appreciate your input. Check out ‘Upload your travel info’ quickly to share your information with us :-)